ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a standard that provides a set of standardization requirements for a given service or product. Its main purpose is to improve company's management, which added to other operating standards such as occupational health, environment and safety allow company's consolidation in the market.

With ISO 9001 implemented, the company has a better operational performance eliminating errors and increasing profits, saving time and resources. It will expand business opportunities gaining customers with high-level of requirements, offering a better service. Besides driving and engaging employees with company in-house processes.

Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)

An important tool used for strategic planning based on collecting relevant data which qualify chemical contamination, physical and biological hazards and critical control points within the company. This tool generates a lot o credibility in complied, not only because of product safety, but also for the guarantee that it complies with inspection requirements.

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices

A set of standards that standardize and define procedures, Control methods, manufacturing, facilities conditions, equipment, maintenance, packaging, storage and distribution. The Good Manufacturing Practices are implemented in Parnaplast since 2004 and are an important tool applied with the purpose of obtaining packages free from any type of chemical, physical or biological contaminants, resulting in high-quality products. Guaranteeing packed product integrity and consumer health.